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On Cue for Restaurants 2.0: Bringing Even More to the Table

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On Cue for Restaurants version 2.0 offers a simpler, more effective approach to managing the wait time experience by integrating with multiple tools.

When LRS first introduced On Cue for Restaurants (OCR) in 2014, it provided a breath of fresh air for host stands everywhere – and for their customers. The iPad app offered a simpler, more effective approach to managing the wait time experience. And that made everyone happy – both the customers and restaurant staff.

With OCR, customers can choose to be notified by either text message or a guest pager – they no longer have to congregate near the front door. Instead they are free to sit and relax, or take a walk outside, since the app can send customized text messages to keep them informed. Or even better, they can wait in the bar area – ordering drinks and appetizers – generating more revenue for the restaurant and a better guest experience for the customer.

And OCR increases efficiency at the host stand, providing a single interface to manage guests and table statuses. With insight into both, staff can more accurately quote wait times, maximize space and increase table turnover – all while improving the wait time experience.

Our CTO, John Weber says, “On Cue is all about enabling simplicity and efficiency at the front door.”

And now we’ve taken that efficiency to a new level.

Introducing OCR 2.0 – A complete table management solution

Introducing On Cue for Restaurants version 2.0. Better than ever – because it brings so much more to the table.

OCR 2.0 is the only waitlist app that seamlessly integrates with multiple hardware tools, forming a complete table management solution.

Multiple doors, multiple lists – no problem

With the new version, OCR adds flexibility for restaurants with multiple hosts, points of entry, or independently managed seating areas. It supports – and synchronizes – up to three iPads simultaneously. The app’s real-time activity log keeps each staff member using the app informed of the actions of the others.

No more having to call back and forth between seating areas to coordinate who will get the next table. And no more wondering if “Smith, party of 4” disappeared from the list because they left or got seated.

Now with Table Updater

LRS built OCR to interact with a variety of tools, including guest pagers and text messaging. With the latest version, OCR provides integration with LRS’ new Table Updater, a wireless handheld device that allows floor staff – not just the host – to update table status in real-time from anywhere in the restaurant.

Says Weber, “With Table Updater, the host doesn’t have to leave the stand to go scout for open tables, creating a better front door experience for customers and a more efficient table management process for the restaurant.”

Multi-language support

LRS’ waitlist and table management solutions span the globe, so adding multiple language options was an important feature for the new app. A key product differentiator, this option allows OCR to supports LRS customers with multinational brands.

Just one more in a line of innovation, two decades long

LRS is known for inventing the original guest pager for the restaurant industry in 1995. The new OCR represents the company’s latest evolution in wait time management with features that promote efficiency at the host stand while producing new efficiency in table management.

“A simple and effective table management system liberates staff to focus on the guest experience,” added Weber. “It also helps maximize profits by ensuring that tables are being turned in the most efficient manner possible.”

On Cue for Restaurants 2.0 is available for download in the Apple Store.

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