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Evolution of the Paging System in the Hospitality Industry

Paging System

The paging system is one of the more useful innovations of the hospitality industry, empowering restaurant staff to operate more smoothly and offer the best customer service.

The paging system is one of the more useful innovations of the hospitality industry, empowering restaurant staff to operate more smoothly and offer the best customer service. As cellphone technology has progressed, so have restaurant paging systems. Today’s paging system streamlines operations that enhance efficiency through new and improved technology.The advent of cellphone technology saw a rise in text message paging, which involves making contact on personal cellphones. This was groundbreaking in many ways, since it allowed restaurants to save money that would otherwise have been spent on additional pagers. On the other hand, the idea had some drawbacks:

  • Not all customers have cellphones.
  • Many people are uncomfortable giving out their personal cellphone numbers.
  • Guests have a tendency to wander off when they don’t have a tangible tie to the restaurant.

Because of this, the cost to implement a text-only wireless paging system, which requires an Internet connection, cannot truly be justified. The modern paging system typically employs a hybrid paging/texting system. This development uses cellphones in conjunction with a restaurant paging system, which balances out the issues in a system that uses only one or the other. Long Range Systems provides two systems, guest paging systems and iQueue, that both fall into this category, bridging the gap between separate paging and texting solutions. Not only do these systems operate using pagers that are compact and durable, with excellent battery life and reliable on-premise coverage, they also have other cost-saving features.

  • Each paging system works with all LRS staff pagers, guest pagers and cellphones.
  • A reminder tone lets guests or staff know when a pager is out of range, which minimizes loss and theft.
  • The systems send out an auto-locate page, in order to identify lost pagers on the premises.

The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and customers have high expectations, requiring prompt and efficient customer service. With a paging system, restaurants can eliminate the need for announcements made over a PA system and make for smoother operations. The hybrid paging system is the next logical step in the evolution of pagers, because it decreases the number of pagers needed to operate efficiently while still offering the option of pagers to those consumers who are uncomfortable with providing their personal cellphone numbers. Having been a leader in the industry since 1993, Long Range Systems has paging systems and a multitude of communication technology to accommodate any need, including hybrid systems.

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