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What Restaurant Technology Services Are Right for Me?

Today’s restaurant technology services are as varied as the restaurants they serve. From fast food to casual dining and fine dining, restaurants are leveraging current technologies to promote better communication between staff members and to better serve their customers. So, which restaurant technology services are right for you?

For fast-food clients, hand-held radios are probably the most vital restaurant technology services to use. 

  • Restaurant Technology Services: Two Way RadiosWhile pagers can be helpful in communicating with staff, sometimes spoken communication is the best way to efficiently manage your restaurant. In that case, you want durable, reliable and easy to manage radios that are not bulky or cumbersome, like these Motorola CLS two-way radios designed for reliable and trouble-free performance.

In a fast-casual environment, Table Tracker and guest paging can both be extremely beneficial. 

  • Table tracker is one of the restaurant technology services that fast-casual restaurants are finding invaluable, as it uses hand-held electronic devices to track where orders are headed rather than staff relying on the antiquated system of table cards. Based around an easy-to-use, touch-screen PC conveniently located in the expeditor area, it offers staff members an advanced system of communication that affords them more efficiency and a greater sense of ownership of timely orders.

Coaster Call – Guest Paging

  • Guest paging devices are also beneficial to fast-casual restaurants, because they can be used in different ways. They not only afford guests freedom of movement when waiting for a table, but also alert them when it’s time to pick up their food.

Casual restaurants may have the most flexibility with options when it comes to current restaurant technology trends.

  • Guest paging systems like Coaster Call and Adverteaser are helpful for managing staff-to-guest communication. Rather than keeping guests in a designated waiting area and calling their names when tables are ready, staff members can give those guests hand-held devices that will quietly alert them when their table is ready. These devices can help reduce customer frustration and walkaways, and also can be used as a marketing tool, in the case of Adverteasers.


    Allegiant Survey System

  • The Allegiant Survey System can be used to gather guest feedback and alert management of potential problems before they escalate. This small electronic device gathers guest feedback, but also has useful features to engage guests, like a tip calculator and promos that entice guests to participate in prize drawings.

No matter which kind of restaurant you manage, keeping up with the latest restaurant technology trends can help keep you ahead of your competition. From pagers to guest feedback systems, Long Range Systems can help you identify the best solution to help your establishment increase its ROI. Visit LRS for more information about these restaurant technology services and other restaurant management solutions. You can also join our community of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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