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Provide a Better Experience for Waiting Guests

Bravo-Brio Restaurant Group

Maintaining a high-quality environment in a large, busy restaurant doesn’t come easy for many casual dining concepts. Despite the underlying need to reach waiting guests discreetly and instantly, the growing importance of offering more than one communication device has become more evident. Other currently available guest notification technologies neglect a substantial portion of targeted consumers in the restaurant industry by providing only one option—either cell phone or pager only notification. Luckily, two of our restaurant paging systems, iQueue and Freedom, have evolved by offering both text messaging and paging options. This modern approach guarantees that guests will be reached and notified, no matter their location or situation.

The Bravo-Brio Restaurant Group (BBRG), an early adopter of the classic guest pager, updated to our Freedom paging system to help meet the demands of their growing business and consumer base. By upgrading to the hybrid text and paging system, BBRB noticed an almost immediate decrease in pager loss, since a large portion of customers preferred receiving a cell phone message, as opposed to holding on to a pager. Fortunately, those who didn’t have their cell phone with them or didn’t feel comfortable handing out their personal number, still had the option of being notified via a buzzing pager. Minimizing wait and response time also led to improved staff reaction times, initiating faster table turns, consequently, increasing guest satisfaction.

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