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Important Factors in Restaurant Management

Anyone employed in the restaurant management field understands the importance of keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. Staying on the cutting edge—whether that means introducing new techniques in the kitchen or implementing restaurant management software that helps you better serve customers and direct your staff—will help keep your restaurant ahead of the competition. It is especially important to focus on Restaurant Managementinnovations that will make you more competitive in the areas where it matters most.

  •  Customer service is, of course, the cornerstone of any restaurant’s success. Your cuisine may be exquisite, but if your restaurant management tools and techniques are not fulfilling customer needs, you won’t build a loyal clientele. Ever try to catch a server’s attention? It can be frustrating for the customer who isn’t having his or her needs met, and it’s equally frustrating for the restaurant owner or manager who may be missing out on additional drink sales or even repeat business because of slow service. A system like Table Genie offers a “push-for-service” option, which enables guests to alert their server with the touch of a button when they need something.
  • Restaurant atmosphere contributes to the overall customer experience. That’s why part of successful restaurant management is creating the ambience that best represents your restaurant. The atmosphere can be fun and playful, or sophisticated and upscale, but one thing you do not want it to be is noisy and disorganized. Guest management systems, like iQueue, and paging systems like Coaster Call, or the more lighthearted Pizza Call and Lobster Call, quietly and efficiently alert customers when their table is ready—a pleasant alternative to noisy PA systems or, even worse, a hostess calling out customer names. This preserves your restaurant’s ambience while promptly meeting customers’ needs.
  • Increased communication is a huge boon to staff management. In any successful restaurant, management of staff operations is fluid and efficient. In addition to systems that empower customers to summon staff electronically, many restaurants use systems to manage their staff effortlessly. The Freedom Plus system, for instance, includes features for managing not only wait lists and reservations, but also food delivery times and diners wait times at the table.

Knowing which technology is best suits your needs plays a significant role in successful restaurant management, as does finding a company you can trust to provide you with the best solutions. Long Range Systems offers restaurant management software designed to make your business more efficient and enhance your customer service and staff management. Visit LRS website for more information about these products or other management solutions.



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