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How Can Technology Improve Table Management?

Table management is a big part of restaurant efficiency and greatly affects customer satisfaction, so it’s important to have a system ensures the process runs smoothly. From the time guests walk into your establishment, until the moment they leave, they need to feel at ease and enjoy the experience. Savvy restaurant owners are increasingly utilizing restaurant table management software to ensure that their service is fluid and timely.

Table Tracker Stack

In the not too distant past, table management for casual restaurants was handled by an outdated system of cards with photos, letters or

numbers. When guests placed their orders, they were handed table cards corresponding to those orders, and once they were seated, they’d place those cards on their tables. Once the orders were ready, runners would carry the food out to the customers, often spending an inordinate amount of time hunting for the correct card to correspond with the order they were carrying. Obviously, this method of table management was flawed, and sometimes resulted in food delivered to the wrong table, or food that was cold before it left the kitchen.

Today’s table management looks much different, as there are systems put in place to help streamline staff communication and order delivery. For example, with Table Tracker, guests are given a handheld electronic device that corresponds with their orders and links with a centralized, touch-screen computer located in the expeditor area.   A timer begins tracking the orders, and when they are ready, runners look on the touch screen to establish where the food should be delivered. The hot food is then delivered quickly and efficiently, after which the orders are cleared from the screen. Features of Table Tracker include:

  • An easy to see timer, which gives staff ownership of timely order delivery, improving delivery speed.
  • An easy to read, color-coded touch-screen display, which enhances staff efficiency.
  • A to-go unit to speed up the delivery of takeout orders.
  • A busser unit that allows management insight into the time it takes to clean tables.
  • A portable clearing unit, which allows staff to clear orders upon delivery.
  • Easy implementation, involving minimal training.
  • Live support 7 days a week from Long Range Systems.

For two decades, Long Range Systems has provided restaurants with solutions to improve table management and enhance staff communication. From restaurant table management software to paging systems, Long Range Systems has the tools to make your restaurant more efficient, including the widely acclaimed Table Tracker system. Visit LRS for more information about this product and other management solutions.



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