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Technology Takes Restaurant Management to the Next Level

Technology has been an integral part of the restaurant industry since there was, well, technology.

Restaurant companies, for instance, were one of the earliest adopters of computers. Although 50 years ago one may have gotten by with hand-written tickets and a cash box, today an operator wouldn’t even consider opening a new restaurant without a digital point-of-sale system (POS). And while early systems mainly just tracked sales, today those systems allow operators to create schedules, manage inventory and calculate costs, in many cases via an accessible-from-anywhere Web dashboard.

More recently, operators have been leveraging the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) to outfit doors, freezers, steam tables and HVAC systems with connected sensors that alert managers to problems via notifications to their smartphones.

And just as the capabilities of POS systems have expanded over the years, the application of IoT concepts has grown from tracking issues such as temperatures and mechanical issues to allowing operators to track the location of both guests and staff.

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