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Benefits of Hospital Paging in Healthcare

Hospital PagingHospital paging has made great strides in recent years. Thanks to new technology, hospital pagers are now less disruptive and they improve response times, which helps improve efficiency and overall patient care. Whether it’s communication between staff members or communication between healthcare providers and patients, today’s hospital paging systems use cutting-edge technology to improve performance and increase the effectiveness of patient care.

Hospitals have a responsibility to care for their patients efficiently and discreetly, mindful of confidentiality as well as the need for quick response to patient needs. Traditionally, hospital paging has been handled via PA systems, which disrupt the quiet of the hospital, while also failing to protect patient privacy. Today’s silent hospital paging and communication systems are a much better option,  not only making staff communication more reliable and discreet, but also providing patients with a way to communicate their needs and even opinions.

Netpage Unlimited is a system used for hospital paging as well as in many other industries. An on-location, web-based, organization-wide messaging solution, NPU allows for communication between staff members, guest notifications, and even facility-wide alerts. Because staff members can be located and contacted in an instant, it allows for quick response to time-sensitive situations. Because the system is integrated throughout a facility, patient care is seamless, and staff communication is not disruptive to the flow of business. The system also allows for communication with patients, even featuring an SMS capability, so that healthcare providers can reach patients on their mobile devices. From doctors’ offices and clinics, to hospitals, to laboratories, and in many other healthcare facilities, NetPage Unlimited provides invaluable in increasing revenue by improving the efficiency of communication and patient care.

For three decades, Long Range Systems has been a leading provider of hospital pagers and communication devices that have helped improve efficiency and overall patient experience. Used in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other medical facilities, these devices are helping healthcare workers to do their jobs more effectively. contact LRS for more information about hospital paging products or other Healthcare management solutions.



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