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Hotel Technology Leaves a Lasting Impression

Hotel TechnologyImproving Guest Experience with Technology

Hotel technology has vastly improved in recent years to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated, discerning travelers. The challenge for those in the hospitality industry is to know how to embrace emerging technology in order to create a better guest experience and stay ahead of the competition. From external lighting, to interactive city guides in the lobby, to in-room innovations that enhance the travel experience, there’s hotel technology to suit every type of lodging, and help hoteliers to find their own niche in the hospitality market.


  • Exterior lighting can change the look of a hotel. Technology has progressed to such a level that entire skylines can be transformed, by hotels that light up, change colors, or even feature giant exterior LED digital canvases that can be seen for many miles. This kind of technological face-lift can boost a company’s image by enhancing its visibility and creating an image that stands out from the crowd.
  • Hotel technology can be used to engage guests, beginning at the point of entry. One Miami hotel has transformed its lobby, with individual pods that feature personalized music, lighting, and LED screens that showcase art, as well as coffee tables with embedded, oversized tablets that enable guests to find information about local sights, events, restaurants, and more.
  • Beyond flashy, hotel technology should be functional. In-room features like Wi-Fi and HDTV are standard in the hotel industry, but smart hotel owners will go further, using their imaginations to find ways to utilize technology to improve the overall guest experience. Many hotels, for example, are using paging systems to their advantage, to enhance communication between guests and staff. Guest room pagers can be used to notify guests when their rooms are ready, for example, so they do not have to keep checking in with the front desk. Poolside or beachside pagers give guests the freedom to relax and enjoy themselves, with functionality at their fingertips to contact staff members who can promptly fulfill their requests. Electronic comment cards provide guest feedback immediately to the right people, giving hotels an opportunity to constantly grow and improve. In all these instances, hotel technology is used to meet customers’ needs and make their experiences relaxing and enjoyable.


To create an experience that is as memorable as it is comfortable and welcoming, hotel owners must look for solutions that use the latest technology to make every visit a stay that is worth remembering. Since 1993, Long Range Systems has led the industry in technology solutions, providing their clientele with the latest in cutting-edge restaurant and hotel technology, in order to improve staff communication and customer service. For more information about hotel management solutions technology, or to learn how it can benefit you, visit the Long Range Systems website, follow LRS_USA on Twitter or “Like” Long Range Systems on Facebook  today!



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