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Benefits of Using Surveying Tools in Your Restaurant | Restaurant Technology

The Features and Benefits of Using Surveying Tools in Your Restaurant
Guest satisfaction remains the top priority for restaurants around the world. Luckily, restaurant technology continues to evolve in ways that assist businesses in better understanding, knowing and responding to consumer needs and preferences. Guest management, POS systems and staff paging have all made an impact in increasing speed of service and ensuring a high-quality dining atmosphere. 

Restaurant Technology

And for years, customer satisfaction measurement tools like comment cards and online surveys were thrown into the mix as a way to gauge the guest experience and later adjust operations accordingly. But, unlike traditional restaurant surveying tools, newer, state-of-the-art digital restaurant technology can have an even greater affect on customer loyalty and guest retention rates.

Traditional methods, not usually deemed restaurant technology, such as telephone surveys, online survey links and paper comment cards, historically, have major weaknesses that frequently run counter to the restaurant’s best interest.

The benefits of the advancement in digital restaurant surveying tools all outweigh the problems that coincide with traditional methods.

Problems with Traditional Restaurant Surveying Methods

  • Telephone surveys — These have low response rates, since many don’t answer or reach customers too long after their visit on site, greatly minimizing the quality of the data.
  • Online survey links — These are printed on receipts, but are often overlooked or seen as spam. Often, they’re thrown away prior to the guest’s departure from the restaurant; therefore, participation rates are so low, it’s difficult to get the response rate needed to make statistically sound conclusions.
  • Paper comment cards — Unlike modern restaurant technology, paper comment cards are seen as old-fashioned and are too easily mistaken as trash. Leave behind the tedious paper forms and customers needing pens, let alone the amount of time spent manually inputting the required data often leaves these cards stuffed away in storage.

The benefits of the advancement in restaurant surveying tools that work harmoniously with modern restaurant technology tend to greatly outweigh the difficulties that coincide with traditional survey methods.

LRS Tablet-Based Digital Survey Tool 

  1. Intriguing design — Customers are more likely to engage with a visually appealing digital survey and provide honest, anonymous feedback; providing a higher return rate of responses that are more true to the consumer experience.
  2. Professionally designed templates and questions — The targeted survey design and questions are developed specifically to meet the needs of your restaurant.
  3. Instant customer feedback — Answers are automatically uploaded daily, enabling you to look over responses immediately and make needed operational or staff changes.
  4. Manager notification — The LRS survey tool not only works simultaneously with other successful restaurant technology, but also notifies managers via text message or pager about any negative reviews or positive assessments. This gives employees an opportunity to respond quickly to a complaint, answer questions or thank a satisfied guest.
  5. Bonus promotional features — Offers customers special discounts or advertise new menu items at the end of their survey to ensure repeat business and high guest satisfaction.

Long Range Systems knows customer service and operational efficiency are an important part of your business. Check out to learn more about the technology that can bring you better results. You can also join our community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



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